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IRAN(s) 1401 - 2023

After my first book on Japan published in 2021, which was selected by the French cultural magazine Télérama among the 10 best photo books of the year (alongside Raymond Depardon or Gregory Crewdson), here is my new project on Iran. It should include about 120 pictures presenting the daily atmosphere of this vast and complex country, accompanied by texts from experts.

Be the first to know about the publishing of this book. A real revolution!

Soyez averti•e de la publication de ce livre. Une vraie révolution !


My trips

I made 3 trips of one month each in order to cover most of the territory and the main cities (35 in all!), as well in the Kurdish or Baluch regions, as in the tourist quadrilateral Kashan-Isfahan-Shiraz-Yazd. Not to mention the Iranian "Saint-Tropez" of Kish, just after the oil-rich Asalouyeh on the Persian (and not Arabian) Gulf...

I was lucky to get away with each of my three arrests, the last one in Abadan by plainclothes cops. But I have a thought for all those who did not fare so well, some of whom are currently in Evin prison in an arbitrary manner.

« Your photographs of Iran are just wonderful! They have transported me back there - you capture the atmosphere perfectly, and your pictures feel very intimate, which is hard for a photographer to capture in Iran. »
Ramita Navai (journalist & Emmy Award-winning director, author of « City of Lies: Love, Sex, Death and the Search for Truth in Tehran », 2014)
« These photographs are beautiful, they are different from the photographs I usually see. You have a very different point of view of the Iranians.  »
Anahita Ghabaian (funder of the Silk Road Gallery, Iran 1st photo gallery since 2001,
publisher of "Iran, Année 38")

You may help me finance this project, especially by buying prints for your collection, so please contact me! Kheili mamnoon!

Vous pouvez m'aider à financer ce projet, notamment en achetant un tirage pour votre collection, alors n'hésitez pas à me contacter !

2017 © Nicolas BOYER - Pictures in this website are protected under international copyright laws. No part of this site can be used or reproduced without permission.


2017 © Nicolas BOYER - Les images de ce site sont protégées par les lois internationales du copyright. Aucune image de ce site ne peut être utilisée ou reproduite sans permission

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