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Series "We are all German tourists" (Liberation - summer 2003)

Winner of the competition "Creatives behind the objective" + group exhibition (2004), organized by Le Club des Directeurs Artistiques & Corbis agency.

"Tourism is an industry that involves transporting people who would be better off at home, to places that would be better off without them." (Jean Mistler)

This series was carried out in 2004 on emblematic places in the capital at a time when mass tourism was still mainly carried out in the North, before the countries making up the BRICs (Brazil, Russia, India, China) emerged on a massive scale.

In 2015, the nature of tourism changed both in number and quality: more than 34 million people visited the French capital, the equivalent of more than one visitor per second. The world's leading tourist destination, Paris is penetrated by a top three of British, followed by Americans and now Chinese, whose number of visitors is increasing exponentially.

Good news, it will soon no longer be necessary to go abroad to see the world as it comes to us.

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